Pro-Deal PROgram

Pro-Deal PROgram Requests

Thank you so much for your interest in Butora’s pro-deal PROgram. We evaluate and approve pro-deals on an individual basis only. Please review the following before applying for our pro-deal PROgram. Please allow 7-10 days for your application to be reviewed and processed.

  • • Currently we offer pro-deals to climbing industry professionals only.
  • • We only offer pro-deal to full-time employees.
  • • Pro-deal accounts will be given a unique promo code, that may be used 5 times per year.
  • • All pro-deals accounts will need to reapply Jan 1st of every year.
  • • Please keep your pro-deal discount private.
  • • We do not offer free shipping on pro-deals/ team deals or any discounted products.
  • • This pro-deal is for yourself only, any abuse or violations will lead to termination of your account.
  • • No stacking of discounts or additional coupon codes may be applied.
  • • We do not offer returns/exchanges/refunds on pro-deal purchases.
  • • Prodeal orders are only available directly from our website.

Prodeal Application Instuctions:

1. Create a profile and register on our website -

2. Email [email protected] with the following

  • • Email used in step 1 (above) when completing your registration.
  • • Recent Paycheck Stub (black out payment information)
  • • If applying as a guide or similar, please include your Pro Certifications
  • • Letter from employer on official letterhead

3. You will be contacted directly once your application has been approved/denied with further instructions to complete your purchase on